*Sa Pa, a city of history and culture
Sa Pa, renowned as the "city of the clouds', is in the province of Lao Cai (Nord) 380 km northwest of Hanoi. A popular tourist destination.

Located on the slopes of Mount Fan Si Pan 3,143 m, nicknamed the roof of the country, 1.560 meters, Sa Pa offers a temperate climate. The landscape changes tone during the day. In the morning, Sapa is drowning in a web of light mists like a wisp of smoke. At sunrise, Sa Pa blossoms in the spring reflections to extend toward midday under clear skies summer. At nightfall, Sa Pa feels the cold dry fall. By the early twentieth century, Sa Pa was known as the "Da Lat" North. In the late nineteenth century, the French have for the first time set foot, unaware that more than 2,000 years ago, this place was a Dong Son cultural center. 

Approximately twenty Dong Son drums and several objects of stone and bronze, which are considered as grave goods were discovered in this place. These people had links with bronze jars owners of very famous Dao Thinh Hop Minh, Thanh Van found around Phu Tho, Yen Bai (North) downstream of the Red River and also with the perpetrators of the culture of Yunnan region (China) upstream. The variety of bronze objects of the culture of Dong Son and Yunnan demonstrates the operation and use of bronze and tin in this place for ages.

*Sa Pa, a wide valley
Flax cultivation and use of these textiles are the essence of the "flax", very important for saving the peculiarities of the Mong ethnic group, fascinating for the French, and no foreign never forgets once he has known.

The Sa Pa Mong prefer indigo dyed fabrics, which serves as a background for ornamental motifs of red and green color at collar, sleeve and the size of their costumes.

The ornamental motifs of Mong inherent in the bronze culture of Vietnam and China. The martial spirit and artistry of Mong in the art of shaping stone, wood and weaving show that they are descendants of the ancient cultures of a thousand years
Bac Ha - the region lies on the highlands 700 meters above sea level in the far north of Vietnam and the border with China. It enjoys a mild climate throughout the year.

Bac Ha is air habitat of several ethnic tribes the most numerous of which are the Hmong flower (or Hmong colorful), Phu La, Tay and Daos.Leurs original villages nestled on the slopes of mountains dotted with rice terrace as well as their weekly colorful markets are Bac Ha one of the main tourist destinations of North Vietnam. The landscapes of this region, characterized by terraced rice fields, are especially beautiful between May (beginning of crops) and October (late harvest).
The markets of mountain tribes are held throughout the year, once a week. This is not only a forum where you can find all local products (buffalo, pigs, horses, chickens, herbs, vegetables, fabrics and garments ...) but above all a place of meetings and cultural space characteristic of ethnic minorities. If one attaches primarily to the authenticity, it is possible to classify these markets in the following order: Sin Cheng (50 km from the town of Bac Ha, every Wednesday), Can Cau (to 30km from the town of Bac Ha, every Saturday), Coc Ly (40km from the town of Bac Ha, every Tuesday) and Bac Ha (the largest in the town of Bac Ha herself all on Sundays).

In summary, if you like to discover ethnic tribes, their lifestyle and beautiful scenery, Bac - Ha is a destination of choice.
From Hanoi, it is possible to access by road (400km), but the most convenient way is the night train to Lao Cai where a transfer by car 2 hours you can reach Bac Ha.


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