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Mai Chau Valley

Mai Chau Valley

Mai Chau, a lily in the valley

Mai Chau is a small village in a valley populated by ethnic minorities, at the foot of Hoang Lien Mountains. It is reached by a road that winds through beautiful landscapes. The place is nothing special in itself, but Mai Chau is surrounded by small hamlets populated Thais whites. The largest is called Pom Coong, with wooden houses on stilts and, between rice fields and hills. Not far from Pom Coong, another village still untouched by tourism, with shiny black buffalo that roam its streets. It is a village full of gardens and smiling people walking slowly.

There are no hotels in Mai Chau. We spend the night there among the people who provide meals sitting around a tall pole. In addition to traditional dishes, you will have the opportunity to taste rice wine contained in small jars. Evening traditional dance performances after dinner, simple but shows particularly amusing.

You do not need to get up early in the morning. The rooster singing and cries of starving pigs herald the sunrise. The time has come to make walking through the village, to meet the people whose way of life has nothing to do with the citizens of industrialization we are.

"When one sleeps in one of the villages in the area, it is set in a traditional house on stilts, made of teak and bamboo. The space for living/ sleeping/ eating/ dance is long and wide, and mosquito nets compartmentalize the room for the night. During our first night there, the occupants of the house next door had organized a dance, we of course joined in the fun.

By the time we spent head out the door, we were greeted with cries of "Welcome! Sit down! Thank you for joining us!"
In the end, we were invited to dance show with traditional dancers and villagers, and of course abusing the local alcohol, Ruou Can, a kind of herb marinated rice wine. It is so concentrated that it is necessary to add water to it! When well soaked, everyone sits around and head to community bamboo straws coming out of the pot as flower stems".


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