Dien Bien Phu

One lane in town development with many constructions since full independence.
It currently has around 22 400 inhabitants, a city has the border with Laos and China, located 500km from Hanoi to in the direction Northwest.
Along the Hanoi now take around 13h
By plane from Hanoi to take about 50minutes, there are two round-trip flights each day.

The name Dien Bien Phu will forever be in the national history as the first major victory of National Liberation, which will be the demise of the French colonial empire.

Dien Bien Phu, the capital of Dien District Although in the province of Lai Chau, is in the Muong Thanh valley, 20km long and 5km wide and surrounded by wooded mountains. Thai and H'mong the predominantly inhabit alongside Kinh, which represent a third of the population of the valley. The city was founded in 1841 by the Nguyen dynasty in a region once traversed by the Burmese and Chinese caravans trading with North Vietnam.

In November 1953, General Henri Navarre, commander of the French forces, sent 12 battalions in the Dien Bien Phu to prevent the Vietminh taking the Lao capital of Luang Prabang. General Giap's troops laid siege to the French army, and began fighting. On May 7, 1954, the troops of General Navarre had to surrender after 57 days of fighting. Eight weeks later, the Geneva Conference on Indochina pro¬visoire formalized the division of the country and the withdrawal of the French colonial army.

Hill A1
A1 hill, which was the most fortified military positions 49 installed in valley, located in the town of Dien Bien Phu, near the Museum of the victory of Dien Bien Phu.

He had to cross three lines communicating by trenches to achieve it: that the blockhouse defending access to the summit; the line of cons-offensive, and finally the underground trench. The final assault was launched May 6, 1954 in the evening, after the explosion of 970kg of dynamite who dug a deep pit. The fighting lasted 36 days and caused 2516 deaths Vietnamese side.

The remains of the victory of Dien Bien Phu
Dien Bien Phu is formed of a vast plain 18 km long and 6-8 wide, surrounded by mountains. In 1953, the French forces parachuted there to fill the bowl, in the strengthening of 49 positions divided into 3 main areas. After the victory of 1954, the battle remains were gathered in the East. The second site of preservation of the remains of the battle, including the offices of the staff of General Vo Nguyen Giap, is located about thirty kilometers from Dien Bien Phu in the commune of Muong Thanh.

Several sites testify of the 55 days and nights of fighting leading to the victory of Dien Bien:

• The Museum of the historic victory of Dien Bien Phu
• The military cemeteries of the hill A1 and that of Doc Lap
• The A1 hill, strategic position blocking the Northeast sector
• The trench operation of French command. The facilities have been preserved intact
• The hills of C, D, E
• The command post of the Vietnamese army campaign from January 21 to May 8, 1954


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