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Legal Mentions of TYPIC travel

How to become a Travel Agency and legally organize trips for foreign tourists ?

According to the law of the Vietnamese tourism, any Travel Agency is considered legal since it detains necessarily the both following licenses :

- A Business License, issued by the Ministry of the Plan and the Investissment

- A professional and special license (International Tour Operator) delivered by the General Administration of the Tourism of Vietnam, being directly a matter of the Ministry of Culture, of Sports and the Tourism

Why ?

These procedures are intended to ensure that the Travel agency is a real company and has a professional skill and a sufficient financial capacity to organize programs of journey and services in favour of the foreign tourists. Because there are still some of those anonymous Agencies without this License.


TYPIC Travel is a legal local Agency, entitled to organize any journeys, circuits and stays in all the Country ; it is recognized under the Vietnamese naming :Công ty TNHH THƯƠNG MẠI VÀ DU LỊCH TYPIC VIỆT. Which means that TYPIC Travel Co. Ltd, holds a business license registered under number: 0106743189 delivered by the Ministry of the Plan and the Investissment and a license referenced by INTERNATIONAL TOUR OPERATOR LICENSE under roll 01-817/2016/TCDL-GPLHQT, issue by the General Administration of the Tourism of Vietnam which is from now on of the Ministry of Culture, of Sports and the Tourism.

In accordance with the Vietnamese law, TYPIC TRAVEL Co., LTD put down a consignment of  20 000 euro with Vietcombank, and Eximbank Vietnam the biggest state bank of Vietnam. This consignment is exclusively intended to assure the civil liability of TYPIC Travel towards his customers.

TYPIC Travel own a work office  very close to the city center of Hanoi, 600m of the central lake of Hoan Kiem :

Adr: Salle 601, 54 rue Le Van Huu, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Tel: + 84 9 07 06 55 99  ou Fixe:  + 84 24 39 72 78 89 

Fax: + 84 24 39 72 78 89



We are particularly happy and proud to assure you of our commitments.

These commitments are an integral part of the spirit of TYPIC Travel and it is them whom you approve by a large majority, for our biggest satisfaction !

1 - Routes following your demands

We are at your disposal to propose you a big variety of routes according to your wishes. We are for your listening and can suggest you realizing together, according to your desires, your own circuit ; you will be so the craftsman of your stay ! Having entrusted us your ideas and your waits, our councillors will guide you towards the best choice and will help you to finalize your project.

2 - The right price for quality services

TYPIC Travel is a local agency. We are in connection with partners and providers everywhere in Indochina : hotels, restaurants, transport (road, rail, river and air). Our guides are fascinated by their job and the culture of their respective countries. Their local knowledge allow us to assure you the best of services and performances for a very attractive price.

3 - Well-kept and checked services

To assure you quality of services, TYPIC Travel selects strictly its partners and providers who engage to respect the quality of services for which we ask them. We make very often journeys of mission to verify regularly the quality of the services to drive improvements there regularly in the constant intention to satisfy your requirements.

4 - Always more information

Since your very first contact with us, you will have the basic informations on the country you choose to discover, then also during and after your journey, we are also by your side to supply you the best information (except informations coming from your permanent guide during the journey) for your comfort.

5 - A fixed value for money

TYPIC Travel organizes circuits and journeys offering private services, in small group (family, couple and group of friends). Sharing with you its experience and its network, your Agency will know how to seduce you by its value for money and its conviviality.

Vietnam opens its doors recently to the tourism.


The travelers discover the beauty of its landscapes, the wealth of its cultural heritage, its big ethnic diversity and an authentic, timeless life.

It is from 1986 that the opening of the Country allowed a significant increase of the number of tourists. Year by year, this increase makes more and more important.

On December 17th, 1994, Halong Bay is registered on the UNESCO world heritage list.

In 2001, Vietnam was the sixth tourist destination of the South-East Asia. In 2017, hit welcomed more than 12 million visitors...

Vietnam possesses an exceptional natural environment which must be protected. Several species registered on the list of endangered species at the world level are still present : the white-headed monkey, the elephant, the rhinoceros, the tiger, the leopard … hundred nature reserves, covering more than 3 % of the territory and the national parks were created, a big part of which is opened to the green tourism.

We can that congratulate themselves on what the development of the sustainable tourism in combination with conservation and promotion of the national cultural values, as well as the protection of the landscapes and the environment, is a part of objectives fixed in the global plan of development of the tourism of Vietnam before 2020, with vision 2030.

However, we would like to remind that generally speaking, whatever is the environment in which the traveler moves, urban or natural, it is of his responsibility for respecting the place he crosses. Here are some applicable, basic principles all around the world.

- Avoid leaving certain waste on the spot and bring back them with one if the country does not arrange an infrastructure of elimination of this waste. For example: piles and batteries, out-of-date medicine, plastic bags.

- The rarity of the water is a world problem today. Even if the visited country is not a priori concerned by the lack, some reflexes have to be a member from now on of the everyday life: prefer showers to baths, avoid the wasting, indicate the possible flights of faucets.

- In most of the hotels, you will have an individual air conditioning. It is deeply recommended, to avoid the energy overconsumption and the concerned greenhouse gas emissions, to turn it off systematically when you are not present in the room. The air conditioning is not moreover absolutely necessary under all the climates.

- When having a walk, in certain fragile ecosystems, do not take out paths or drive off-road, limit the standing about and not bring back "souvenir" : give up picking rare flowers, collecting fossils or petrifactions, etc.


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