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What is the yin and yang?

What is the yin and yang?

1/ Definition of YIN YANG

Theory stems from the YIN YANG QI and is a direct extension. YIN and YANG are: energy, substances, or mythical elements esoteric but a concept of division, classification of objects and phenomena whose interest is primarily dialectic.

2/ Explanation of Yin and Yang

*/ Yin
It represents the dark, what isn't seen. It's hollow and it is he who receives life. Yin is dark, cold. It is the energy of passivity fertile, it gives life which is why we say it is the symbol of femininity.

A person who is more Yin Yang is someone introverted, quiet and rather shy. This is a person who doesn't like to highlight and don't really like change. This is a person who prefers the warmth of home. Physically be people rather good health.

*/ Yang

Yang is the opposite of Yin and it's he who completes it. Yang is the light, which is hard and fast. He is active and clear any accumulated energy. Yang is still in action in motion. Yang is masculine and it is the spark of life.

If you are Yang, you are someone more outgoing, nervous and likes to be seen. You like to be highlighted and put you ahead. You love adventure and challenges and the routine is the thing that trouble you most in the world. For you home is a place where we rest after spending a long exhausting day. Physical side of the Yang are thin people as they are always in action they eliminate what they eat.

3/ The origin of Yin and Yang

It is thought that the Yin and Yang finds its origin in the observation of farmers. They could see it and rotate it every day, day and night. Then they noted that the day is synonymous with work and activity, while the night is spent at rest. Thus the association work day and night to Yang and Yin rest. These are two cyclical phases in perpetual movement alternates. Night gives way to day and the day gives way to night.

As the sun is in the sky, the sky is Yang and therefore opposed the earth is Yin. Formerly we thought the sky was round and that the earth was flat. This is why we can say that what is round is Yang and what is the square is Yin.

4 / Yin and Yang

Everyone has heard of Yin and Yang, but he would still know what it is. We all have in mind these two species commas, white with a black dot and black with a white spot, which fit together into one another to form more than one. If there is a white dot in the black part or a black dot in the white part is by no means a coincidence. Instead, it is supposed to show that every male member has a female part and any female member has a male part. Yin and Yang are all around us and are present in all of our actions, the complete Yin Yang and vice versa. The terms of Yin and Yang were created by the ancient Chinese to describe the bipolarity they could see by observing nature. Thus one can not imagine the Yin without Yang and of course we can not imagine either without the Yin Yang. I'll give you an example of what I 'm telling you. If I tell you of the night you think of the day. Indeed, how can one imagine a night without day ? Night (Yin) full day (Yang).

5 / Yin or Yang?

You should know that we are not just Yin or Yang only. Us these two forces exist and coexist. We all share a Yin and Yang share which is more or less important. Yin symbolizes the feminine side of each, the unconscious night. Yang symbolizes the masculine part, the conscious day. Between Yin and Yang there is a very small portion of gray that shows us that we can not reach the Yin or Yang completely. It seeks to achieve but it is impossible to achieve. The signs of the Chinese zodiac are more or less Yin or Yang:

  • Are predominantly Yin Ox, Rabbit, Snake, Goat, Rooster and Pig. These are people who have organized and developed a practical sense. These are people changing the character and depends on the mood of the day.
  • Are Yang dominated the Rat, Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey and Dog. They are impulsive and spontaneous people. These are people who do not let themselves be influenced by their surroundings.

How it works?

Yin and Yang must always be in balance. So if a time is too much Yin Yang will be later and seek balance. All our actions lead to a certain imbalance that someone else will fill in an action. But looking for something closer to us looking nature. For example, in summer, YANG peaked; immediately after this peak, YIN begins to grow while Yang declines gradually. So in winter, Yin peaked Yang and his lowest point. As reaching the highest point, be it for the Yin or Yang, marks the beginning of their decline. But hey it must still know that the Yin or Yang is still in excess somewhere, the perfect balance is rarely achieved (I would say never but hey you should never say never). But as I previously di, Yin and Yang is everywhere and even in the human body. For example, the upper body is Yang while the bottom is Yin, a muscle contraction is Yang while a muscle at rest is Yin, the same spirit can be Yin or Yang. Indeed, the mind is waking phase Yang and mind in a state of sleep and Yin phase.

6/ Some examples of Yin and Yang:












Fall, Winter

Summer, Spring


North, West

South, East

















This table shows how a Yin and Yang are complementary and inseparable. It seems impossible to imagine one without the other. Of course there encor many example of this you just look around you and you will find many.



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