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The Cat Ba Island or Hai Phong

The Cat Ba Island or Hai Phong

1/ The island and the Cat Ba National Park

Location: Located in Cat Hai District, the island and the Cat Ba National Park is 60km east of the port of Haiphong.
Feature: Cat Ba is an archipelago comprising 366 islands and islets envy. The main island is about 20 000ha and offers a wide and sandy beaches terrain.

Amid the emerald waters, rise impressive limestone formations, with wonderful caves. These rocks are high on average 150m, the highest peak being the Cao Vong with 322m altitude. In Cat Ba National Park, there are twenty species of mammals, 69 species of birds, 20 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 11 amphibians.

There we find the flora large tropical primeval forests. According to estimates, there are 745 plant species, 350 different medicinal herbs. To go to Cat Ba, there are three ferries a day from Binh port, Haiphong. Once on the island, you can rent bikes to get around.
2/ Hai Phong is also known with the following sites:

*/ The resort of Do Son
Location: Do Son is located 22km south of Haiphong, the two mouths Lach Tray and Van Uc.
Feature: The hills and forests follow one another on the peninsula ahead of 5km of the sea.

During the colonial era, Do Son was a French beach resort reserved for officers and the Vietnamese elite. In 1950, there has even built an airport.

You can see the villa in Do Son Bao Dai, the last emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty, a pagoda, and at the end of the peninsula, perched on a hill, the hotel Van Hoa, formerly Hotel The point. With two pyramidal towers, looks like an old stone mansion overlooking the sea. 

*/ Du Hang Pagoda
Location: The Du Hang Pagoda is located 2 km in the south of downtown Haiphong in Ho Nam district, the district Chan.
Feature: It contains valuable Buddha statues, bronze urns, bells, gongs, and canonical books of Buddhism.

Built under previous Lê (980-1009), the pagoda has been restored several times since. Tran Nhan Tong king (1258-1308), a devout Buddhist, he used to preach and teach there. Nowadays,
*/ Du Hang Pagoda is a listed building.
Communal House Hang Kenh
Location: Communal House Hang Kenh is located at the district Chan, south of downtown Haiphong.
Feature: It is known for its wood carvings.

This communal house was built in 1717 and enlarged in 1905. It shows 156 fragments of engravings whose main subject is the dragon. In the pagoda, also there are a total of almost 308 representations of dragons of all sizes. The pagoda is also a palanquin and a statue of Ngo Quyen, hero of independence in the tenth century.

Every year, from 16th to 18th day of the second lunar month, the town hall welcomes ritual ceremonies, popular theater and classical theater, folk songs and games: Chinese chess, wrestling, cockfights.


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