Na Ka valley turns white in plum flowers

Traveling a 20km distance from Moc Chau township to Na Ka valley, visitors these days may occasionally encounter minor traffic jams as scores  of people from Ha Noi, Ninh Binh, Bac Ninh, or even Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces are coming to the valley by both cars and motorbikes, covering the distance of at least 200km.

Seen from above, Na Ka valley is covered in white and the sea of plum flowers stretches as far as the eye can see. Pure and white plum petals bring the warmth of early Spring to visitors. Under old plum trees, children are seen playing while adults take their time to have their photos taken, capturing the most magnificent views of the valley. Some couples even choose this place for their wedding photos, which is a good choice.

Unlike other flowers, plum flowers are in full bloom once a year in Spring and only last for two or three weeks. Therefore, visitors need to plan their trip carefully after the Lunar New Year so as not to miss the chance. Then, in May, the plum fruit picking festival is held annually by the district as the fruit gets ripe around this time. Interesting events, such as plum picking competitions, plum display competitions, ethnic musical exchanges, etc., are often staged during this festival.

Despite being a new attraction in Son La, Na Ka valley has become a place of interest for those who like to travel and is familiar among youngsters. The number of visitors to the valley has been increasing for some recent years and the local people have learnt how to provide services to travelers. Local specialties such as tea, bamboo shoots, dried buffalo meat, etc. are sold at reasonable prices.



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