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Moc Chau Plateau

Moc Chau Plateau

1. Spectacular Plateau in the Northwest Mountainous Region

The area of the grass-field accounts for more than 14,000ha and is suitable for animal husbandry, tea planting and other agriculture. Moc Chau tea factory was set up here to produce black tea for export and for domestic consumption.

Thousands of pure-bred and crossbred cows from the Netherlands are raised on the Moc Chau state-run farm, established in 1958. They provide fresh milk to Ha Noi and to other provinces for producing tinned milk, yoghurt and other milk products.

2. Fascinating Attractions

Moc Chau exists several fascinating sites. Son Moc Huong Cave (or Bat Cave because there are many bat nests in its arch) is about 300m northwest of Moc Chau Town. As a typical karst limestone cave at a height of approximately 100m above sea level, the cave has an area of about 6,915m², with a length of 80m, a height of 20m and a width of 25m. Dai Yem (Pink Blouse) Waterfall also called Nang (Girl) Waterfall is about 3km from Moc Chau farm. Vat Village of Thai people with the oldest history in Moc Chau, is about almost 1km from Pink Blouse Waterfall. Ang Village where Thai people inhabit is about more than 2km north of Moc Chau Town. There are two lakes nearby a pine forest stretching in a red brown feralit hill.

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