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The European influences

The European influences

For several centuries, different regions and eras, the assimilation of Western culture, whether in physical or spiritual realms is made ​​differently. But it is granted or rejected, this has been touours flexibility: Accept what is useful and modify it to suit or characters, conditions and requirements Vietnamese.

1/ On the material plane

Western culture has brought urban development, industry and communication channels that correspond to advances in France and served the designs of clonasation. 

*/ As regards urban development, in the late nineteenth century, the Vietnamese urban centers were mainly administrative centers gradually transformed following the Western model, with a primarily economic function (economic - industrial city)

*/ In the field of communication channels, hundreds of thousands of poor and taillables bondsmen to thank you people are mobilized to build roads leading to agricultural concessions, mining, linking cities and remote areas.

*/ In terms of architecture, although European bill, many villas that are costruites at this time are the Vietnamese emprente adapted to the climate and the environment.

*/ In terms of clothing, if the costume to the European (au phuc) to quickly conquer the male in the cities, especially among officials and intellectuals, women, Western influence s' exerts very slowly.

2/ On the cultural and spiritual 

In addition to the arrival of Christianity, there were other important influences in the areas of writing and language, information, arts and literature, education and science, thought etc.  

*/ At first, the language barrier was very hard and whose alphabet was created by missionaries and called more CHU Vietnamese Quoc Ngu (write in the national language).

*/ The third element is provided by the Western press, which did not exist in a society dévellopée little, living in isolation. 

*/ In the literary field, appears the contemporary novel (pink).

*/ Also, there are so many loans as standard French language.

*/ In the painting tecniques appear borrowed from the West: Oil and gouache

*/ To train staff, colonialists imposed the education system to the French, and made learning French mandatory.



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