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The taoism and belief vietnamiennt not exitsent border are almost unique in Vietnam, Taoism was founded by Laozi (Original China and Vietnam is enncore discussed) and he came to China while as Confucianism, Taoism was introduced to Vietnam probably in the 1st century AD. Taoism is not the work of one man, a rather thick synthetic made ​​through the ages, the work of Chinese thinkers like Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and Lie Tzu.

Taoist philosophy is based on the notion of TAO (Dao Vietnamese) overriding principle, infinite, omnipotent, without which nothing exists. This word can have several meanings as a way, way into the mainstream or under language, fill in the "Book of the Way and Virtue", a collection of aphorisms attributed to Laozi. TAO as a principle of order is manifested in the cosmos, in heaven and on earth. Also there are three TAO: supernatural, heavenly order, terrestrial and human. These three powers are the "principle A"

This principle of unity has actually two antagonistic but complementary aspects, Yin and Yang. Yin is the principle of concentration, earth, dark, passive, imperfect, female. Yang is the principle of expansion, the sky, the bright, assets, perfect male. These two opposing forces are two sides of the same coin, day and night are the two principles by which the manifest Taoise.

The great rule of Taoism lies in the following idea: for wisdom to consider the pros and cons because oppositions are canceled in the TAO. Taoist wisdom recommends prefer simplicity too intellectual reflection, and emptying his soul from selfishness; humility is the greatest virtue. The method for achieving the Taoist wisdom is the "non-action" (WEI WOU).

The Taoist principles are essentially philosophical and were often the preserve of scholars. As for the people, he needed a personal religion may assure him his salvation and happiness in the other world. Thus Taoism turned into a struggle against the dead and the immortal geniuses preoccupied more Vietnamese than abstract problems....



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