Nha Trang and Whale Island

1/ Nha Trang Beach

The city is very popular among tourists as it enjoys a particularly mild climate and long sandy beach 7 km bordered by the Tran Phu, the main street of the city.
Nha Trang Bay is part of the Club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, which contains 29 bays, in 22 countries, met to preserve their environment

2/ History of Nha Trang

It belonged to the Kingdom of Champa, inhabited by the Chams.
200 Kings Centre Vietnam (Annam) before their "disappearance"
Po Nagar Cham Towers, founded in 240 AD (stele Vo Cao)
"Let my son and my brother take what they want in my property,
The remainder is distributed to my people
My successors to do the same (Registration is currently in Hanoi Sanskrit).
In 748, construction of the group Po Nagar Temples (Hindu), adoration, yet current Linga and Yoni (main engine life, love).
The city was sacked by the Khmer 950. In 1640 (approximately) invasion by northerners, the Giao Chi, called the Viet or Kinh on "Disappearance" of Cham.

*/ This city is well combined with the presence of Mr. Alexandre Yersin

Alexandre Emile Jean Yersin is a French-Swiss bacteriologist, born in Aubonne in the Canton of Vaud September 22, 1863 and died in Nha Trang, French Indochina February 28, 1943. He was responsible for the discovery of the plague bacillus (Yersinia pestis).

His life: Alexandre Yersin was born September 22, 1863, in Aubonne, a French family Cévennes driven by the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. His father, who is also called "Alexandre Yersin" steward powders French Switzerland but also a professor of natural sciences in colleges and Aubonne Morges, unfortunately died shortly before the birth of her last child of a cerebral hemorrhage. So her mother raising her three children (Emily, Franck and Alexander) and only moved to Morges where she opened an institution for girls. In 1882, Alexandre Yersin received his Bachelor of letter - Gymnasium in Morges and began studying medicine in 1883 at the old Academy of Lausanne who wore the colors of the student organization and Stella continued his apprenticeship in Marburg Germany. Then, in 1885, Yersin arrived in France where he continued his studies at the Hôtel-Dieu de Paris. There, it is one of the most important meetings of his life in the person of Emile Roux will integrate the Pasteur where he will attend for immunization against rabies and with which he discovered in 1886 the Institute diphtheria toxin. In 1888 he received his doctorate with a thesis on experimental tuberculosis in Berlin and follows the course of bacteriology Robert Koch. Yersin in 1889 became the first trainer of the microbiology course at the Institut Pasteur; this course will become a factor in the French overseas research. Moreover, after many administrative steps, he finally obtained French nationality in the same year

3/ Recommended Sites to visit


*/ The Yersin Museum, dedicated to Alexandre Yersin, the discoverer of the plague bacillus. Panels depicting his life are written in French and Francophone conservative.

*/ The Long Son Pagoda with its Buddha nine meters

*/ The Cahm temple of Po Nagar

*/ Villas King Bao Dai

At the exit of the town:

*/ The hot springs and mud baths

*/ The port where shuttles to the islands

In the neighborhoods:

*/ The tomb of Yersin

*/ The Doc Let Beach

*  Waterfalls Ba Ho

4/ Activities in Nha Trang Bay

*/ Diving 

Sea anemone in Nha Trang (2002). Historic Site and birthplace of diving in Vietnam, Nha Trang region is characterized by two large areas deplongée underwater focusing alone dozens of spots distributed around many islands and almost all accessible from Level 1 (CMAS) or Open Water Diver (PADI, SSI) 

*/ Nha Trang Bay with its many islands 

Van Phong Bay, to the north, which has been classified by the World Tourism Organization.

Both bays have a unique micro climate that savings of the rainy season from June to September. However, we avoid the period from November to January because in this period, the waves are too educated and average visibility. The water temperature ranges from 24°C to 30°C and the visibility ranges from 10 to 30 + meters. There is little or no current, no wind and a calm sea generously.

*/ The Island of Whales and Whale Sharks of the Van Phong Bay

Every year between April and July, desbaleines and whale sharks come to stay in the archipelago of Van Phong Bay. It is possible to simultaneously view up to fifteen of these animals gorging on krill and plankton that abound here. Sacred animals in Vietnam, they are safe here: fishermen devote their particular cult, involving these animals to the richness and abundance of their communities.

To attract cetaceans will prosper members of the village, fishermen build temples dedicated to these animals. It held there each year between March and April host ceremonies Lord Poisson. Everyone is son of the whale, and if by chance a fisherman discovered a body of this animal must organize the funeral. Will be erected a tomb for the bones of the animal in a place determined by ungéomancien. Becoming the eldest son, he will mourn for three years.


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