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Winter trekking experience in Vietnam

Winter trekking experience in Vietnam

Trekking is a form of tourism that is not new to everyone. But have you ever imagined that you would make a hiking tour on the high mountains in a winter day with drizzle and wind, even under heavy snow? It seems like an excellent experience, does it? However there are many people who do not know how to prepare for a perfect trip. So here are some tips for you.
First of all, the most important thing is that you need to know how to plan before you leave. In fact, you need to prepare for more difficult weather conditions, shorter time periods by bringing in more equipment and developing more skills. Then you have to care about your outfit. The simple rule of winter camping is to keep your body dry and warm enough. In addition, choose hygroscopic clothes that are fast-drying, thermal, waterproof and breathable. Especially, wear enough 3 layers of basic clothing.

* Tip: If you take a break, wear an extra layer of clothing to avoid losing too much heat. The body will have to work harder to warm it up.
In the end are the essential elements to remember:
* Essential accessories in winter: Hat, gloves, glasses, socks.
* 10 essential articles:
Positioning device
Solar cream
Thermostats (clothing)
First aid kit
Ignition element
Tool kit and repair tools, including knives
Nutrition (add food)
Hold (add water)
Emergency shelter

Moreover, your health is something you need to pay close attention to. So you need to know health-related issues in cold weather so you can manage them quickly.
Hypothermia: Hypothermia is a phenomenon in which body's temperature decreases due to exposure to cold weather conditions, it can be life threatening. A person can suffer from hypothermia without realizing it.

Frostbite: This occurs in cold weather. It is a condition in which the tissue freezes in the fingers, toes, nose or face because of the heat loss faster than the speed of blood circulation. In severe cases, it may be necessary to remove certain parts of the body.
Dehydration: Even when the temperature is low, you may be dehydrated, which is not good for the kidneys, heart and brain. So drink plenty of water even when you are not thirsty. Drink before you are thirsty.
Altitude sickness: It occurs when a person is in a place of high altitude and low atmospheric pressure. In this case, patients experience symptoms such as nausea, headache, dizziness, insomnia, shortness of breath, lethargy, body aches and loss of appetite.
If you can not plan for yourself, do not worry, you just need a reliable company. "Typic travel" is happy to serve you and bring you the most unique experience.

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