Ecotourism is an integral part of environmental protection in Vietnam. Among the best eco-tourist destinations in Vietnam, here are the top 3 places for those who want to get away from the areas of mass tourism.

Cat Tien (Dong Nai) - Ecotourism

Nam Cat Tien is the name of an eco-tourism site located in the meanders of the Dong Nai River, in the territory of three provinces: Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc and Lam Dong. It is a virgin forest typical of the tropical lowland rainforest ecosystem. Cat Tien National Park is also the perfect destination for those who love to explore nature. Visitors who come here will have the opportunity to admire one of the 6 world biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO in Vietnam.

Nam Cat Tien National Park, 150 km north of Ho Chi Minh City. There are many valuable ancient trees like the steering wheel, the redwood; thousands of higher plants, more than 400 species of precious wood, hundreds of medicinal plants, more than 100 species of orchids ... As for animals with hundreds of species of birds, there are species rare birds such as red feathered pheasant, green storks, rhino horns, elephants ... Travelers who like the forest type of ecotourism can discover and explore Cat Tien National Park. Currently, in order to promote ecotourism in Cat Tien National Park, the departments proposed a number of projects in areas of ecotourism, such as Ong Keo ecotourism area, Son Tien, Ba Hao resort , etc. These projects are attracting more and more tourists to Cat Tien National Park. We show you some tour idea for discovering Nam cat tien park

Ham Rong (Sapa - Lao Cai) - Magnificent Botanical Garden

Ham Rong is a dragon-shaped mountain, located near the center of Sapa town, recognized by many tourists as one of the attractive destinations for eco-tourism in Vietnam. When you reach the top of Ham Rong Mountain, you can capture the whole view of Sapa. Tourists will be amazed by the natural beauty of the Muong Hoa, Sa Pa, Ta Phin valleys. Ham Rong Mountain is truly a beautiful landscape in Sapa, Lao Cai. From the center of Sapa Town, visitors can walk around, admire the scenery and hear the legend of Ham Rong Mountain.

Ham Rong ecotourism region has 3 main areas: Ham Rong Flower Garden, Thach Lam Rock Garden and Ham Rong Summit. Ham Rong Flower Garden - this is called the second Dalat "Valley of Love" in Sapa. The flower garden is built on the natural topography of the mountain. Although visitors come here several times, the feelings will certainly be different and always have a special feeling. In addition, visitors will be even more surprised when visiting Thach Lam Rock Garden or when a long drive of over a kilometer reaches the top of Ham Rong (also known as San May). Here you can see one idea tour fos discovering Lao Cai Sapa Ham Rong

Thoi Son (Tien Giang) - Beautiful nautical nature

Thoi Son islet is located in Tien Giang, opposite My Tho town, an attractive tourist destination for those who love the river. Thoi Son islet appears like a small island in the middle of the poetic Tien River. Coming here, visitors seem to be completely free from the fogs, urban areas and noisy towns. Visitors will live in the middle of a peaceful village landscape, stroll along the village roads, enter the fruit garden to taste fresh fruit.

At night, nothing more than to sit down and listen to an old song. Traditional southern folk music is a traditional art form of southern entertainment. Visitors don't need to find podcasts or movies. Right in front of their eyes, "garden artists" play with a voice sweet like the taste of fruit. Thoi Son is a suitable place for those who wish to explore the river, looking for a peaceful place to relax and unwind. This place is also an ideal destination for those who like the type of ecotourism. You can discover some tours in Thoi Son and Mekong Vietnam


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