Thrill seekers, this news should delight you ! Inaugurated on April 29, 2022, Bach Long bridge, « White dragon », offers tourists a dizzying experience : walking on glass almost 492 feet above the jungle. With its 2,073 feet in length, it is now the longest glass suspension bridge in the world. A title granted to it by the Guinness World Record. It thus dethrones the glass bridge located in the province of Guangdong, China, measuring 1,726 feet in length. Bach Long Bridge also received, during the inauguration ceremony, two other record certificates : the longest cliff path in the world and the longest glass bottom structure in the world.

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A spectacular building

Located in Môc Châu in the province of Son La (northwestern Vietnam), a place that you can visit thanks to our North Vietnam otherwise tour, Bach Long bridge winds along a rock wall before ending in a suspended footbridge that straddles a huge valley. This vertiginous architectural work is largely transparent, so those who venture there have the impression of walking in a vacuum.

The tempered and reinforced glass panels used for the base of the bridge were manufactured by the French group Saint-Gobain. The floor of the bridge is made of three layers of glass, each 4 centimeters thick, a technique employed in regions prone to hurricanes and cyclones. A suspended footbridge which therefore promises to be very resistant, and which can support up to 450 people at a time.

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Suspension bridges, common works in Asia

Suspension bridges are a tradition in Vietnam, those made of glass represent the contemporary version of vine bridges. In mountainous regions, these footbridges once made it possible to link villages separated by deep valleys, so that one could avoid major detours and arrive more quickly at their destination. We can see some of these constructions surrounded by beautiful rice fields on the old Colonial Road 6, between Môc Châu and the conurbation of Son La, connecting the Hmong or Black Thai villages. Spend a night with black Thais with our discovery tour in Tonkin

Bach Long is not the only glass suspension bridge that can be found in Vietnam : it joins two other bridges already built. The Tinh Yêu « Love » glass bridge which is also located in Môc Châu, shorter and less impressive than Bach Long. The second, the Rông Mây bridge « Dragon in the cloud » which is located in Lai Châu, in the north of Vietnam, near the city of Sapa and the Chinese border.

An attraction within a tourist complex

The suspended footbridge is the star attraction of the island of Môc Châu, a tourist and resort complex. The resort includes accommodation, a restaurant and offers many fun and sporting activities. A place not to be missed to fill up on sensations !