Why called TET?

First, it means you Le Tet (holidays) in Vietnam. The word "Tet" is a corruption of the word "Tiêt " (climate period).

A Tet consists of two parts: first, the "Le", that is to say, make offerings to the ancestors and esuite the "Tet", that is to say, to compensate for the feast péibles times when working soufler without power. At Tet, one should eat and make merry. Moreover, in Vietnamese celebrate Tet says "an Tet" which literally means "eat" in Tet.

In the year, the most important thing is the Tet New Year Tet Nguyen Dan (beginning and Nguyen Dan morning) is also called Tet Ta = to distinguish our Tet Tay (New Year West, that is to say, according to the Gregorian calendar), or Ca = Tet Grand to distinguish it from others that are less important.

Tet Nguyen Dan is the only occasion in the year a meeting of the entire family, ancestors and guardian spirits. All family members, wherever they may reside or work, need to return home to spend the Tet family: the souls of all the ancestors are invited to return with descendants; all ministering spirits and protectors have their tored with sollocitude altars. Tet is a real rally. And this clearly shows the characters community lifestyle among Vietnamese.

These characters are well evident during Tet in use to wish a happy new year - Mung Tuoi - literally rejoice and congratulate age. Traditionally, in Vietnam, there is no birthday party: everybody has one more year to the new year, that is to say Tet.

It is traditionally said the first days of New Year which are very important and considered necessarily the first three days; 

First day (Mông 1 = Tet Cha holiday when we take the time to wish a happy new year to parents)

Second day (Mông 2 = Tet Chu holiday when we take the time to wish a happy new year to family attached)

Third day (Mông 3 = Tet Thay party where we take the time to wish a happy new year for teachers)

However, it is not only the first day is important, but the first month and more, this is the month when the work does not release (the popular song says: The Thang Thang Gieng An Choi = first months is that of distractions). And why it is that which has well over Tet (celebrations lower importance) than other months (Thang Gieng An Nghieng Bo Thoc = first month, we eat to collapse the big basket of paddy, says proverb): Outside Grand Tet formerly there was the 9th day of Tet, the 10th day and the 15th day of.