The root of Buddhism & the first Vietnam citadel

The root of Vietnam's buddhism & the ancient citadel

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Itinerary in brief

  • icon Location VIETNAM
  • icon Duration 1 days/0 nights
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Day 1 : Pilgrimage to key landmark of Vietnam's buddhism and discover the country's first ever citadel

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Activities Highlights

  • Experience 2 ancient pagodas: Phat Tich and Bo Da and learn the importance of Buddhism in Vietnam history.
  • Contemplate the beauty of the precious Buddha statue at Phat Tich pagoda.
  • Explore Co Loa citadel and immerse yourself in the legend of this relic site.
  • Admire the ingenuity of the ancient people in the construction of the citadel.

Program in details (1 Day)


Pilgrimage to key landmark of Vietnam's buddhism and discover the country's first ever citadel

At 08:00AM get picked up by your guide and driver and head east for 30km of road to Phat Tich pagoda. Phat Tich Pagoda (Buddha trace pagoda) was built between 11th to 12th century and was used as the place to hold important Buddhist ceremonies. Besides the architectural beauty from the Ly Dynasty, the pagoda is well known for its precious Amitabha Buddha statue made entirely from monolithic blue stone, related to a legend from the past. Not only a spiritual destination, this place also offers to visitors wonderful view of the area.

Next you will visit Bo Da pagoda, first erected the 11th century, when Buddhism prospered in Vietnam. After nearly 300 years, it has been renovated many times and the current architecture style is from the Nguyen dynasty (the last dynasty of feudal Vietnam). Compared to other pagodas in northern Vietnam, Bo Da is unique for its architecture. It appears to be a closed complex from the outside yet features hundreds of compartments that all open into one another on the inside. The special structure provides visitors with a sacred, secluded refuge from the outside world.

The last visit of today is Co Loa Citadel. Described as the largest ancient citadel in Vietnam, Co Loa historical relic covers about 500 ha, built at an order by King An Duong Vuong in the third century BC as the capital of the then Au Lac (now Vietnam), in Hanoi’s outlying district of Dong Anh. This relic is considered as the special cultural cradle of both Hanoi City and Vietnam and closely connected to a miraculous and interesting legend: the story how An Duong Vuong constructed the Citadel; the magic crossbow gift from the golden turtle which can kill hundreds of invaders; the sorrowful love story between My Chau and Trong Thuy.

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