The archaeological site of My Son

Located fifty kilometers west of the small town of Hoi An, the archaeological site of My Son was the religious and political capital of the Champa Kingdom, unique culture that flourished on the coast of central Vietnam IV in the thirteenth century. Ranked today World Heritage by UNESCO, it includes the most important remains of the ancient kingdom.

It was not until the late nineteenth century that the mystery of My Son is pierced by scientists at the French School of the Far East. The remarkable site comprised approximately 70 architectural works/ tower sanctuaries of brick and stone in the heart of a pervasive nature. These buildings were all decorated with carved ornaments and other delicate friezes, fit for Cham art strongly influenced by Indian Hinduism.

The tour in the footsteps of the ancient Champa kingdom is in a half- day trip from Hoi An and Danang. It is with the soul of an adventurer you can break the silence on the eve Cham ruins still partially swallowed by the jungle.

My Son - How to get there

50 km of road west of Hoi An (possibility of a stretch by boat), 70 km southwest of Danang.

There is a local bus from Hoi An to My Son but the vehicle type is not too terrible at local security.

We always advise you to rent a car from the town of Hoi An or Danang, it depends on your home or practice with a scouter.


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