Mr. Bernard DAVY and his friends

Trip of Mr. Bernard DAVY and his friends

Concerning the 3 guides, that is our appreciation:

- DUC, nice, available, agreebable, but he needs to make the progress in French. He must also listen to the travelers a little more when they wish to stop to take the photos and be more flexible to adapt himself and not scroll the program like he recites a lesson. He is a very nice boy but he need to pay attention in the evening. He must be careful not to put the tourists in a unconfortable situation of the shopping by stopping in the shops. I had sometimes the sentiment of the personal interests.

- HUE, very good French, very organized, very serious and very good knowledge of her territory and of the history, very nice and perfect. I highly recommend her.

- Dung, very agreeable, great qualities of animator, speak French very well. His spririt is very generous and a lot of humor. He know well use the knowlegde and the skills of people who he meet to enlighten the travelers, not to trap them in the visited places (Warning: We are free not to buy). She is perfect and I highly recommend her too.

I need to repeat that we are very satisfied and I say it around us. I give your references and I thank that you will be contacted by my friends and my knowledge. I will talk about you with them every time.

Finally, if you come to France, I want to tell you that we are all ready to welcome you and take care of you. That will be a great pleasure for us. You can spend a few weeks with the different tourists that you accompanied. Il wouldn't cost you anything.

Thank you very much for your professionalism.

Bernard DAVY


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Mr. Bernard DAVY and his friends

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