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TYPIC Travel's Founder

Dear my customers,

Called by Tien (or Etienne), Born 1980 in Vietnam , came from a purely peasant family on the right riverbank of the Red River in Tonkin. So, i well knows the Vietnamese rural life in general.

Graduated of French and English after 4 year in the University of Foreign Languages - National University of Hanoi and then graduated of the studies on the international relations after 3 years in the Institute of the International Relations.

Full of passion about the tourism since the university exit and I have practiced in this field as an independant guide for the destinations: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos since 2003. 

Therefore, thanks to all his knowledge and experience, TYPIC travel is established in order to share it with you (the travelers), to help you to realize your dream trip, make you love and discover all the typical, authentic and orginal aspect of these countries.

For me, "Travel" is really discovering a destination and "leave, comeback and share the knowledge with the others in the Opening way".

TypicTravel Team


My name is Hanh. I was born in the city of Ninh Binh, around 90km from Hanoi wich is well known as "The Halong Bay on the Ground". I will be happy to meet you soon in Vietnam !

CAO Thuy Diu

Hello, I take charge actually the accounting at TYPIC Travel. Great pleasure to listen to you!

VU Cao Ba

" I discovers and regularly goes on trips of location with the Agency to update the informations for our Guides. I speak French and English and am enchanted to guide you during your stay in our Countries! "


Hello everyone, I'm taking care of the marketing network at TYPIC Travel after my studies in Hanoi University.

Thu Thi PHAM

Hello, I'm Thu, TYPIC Travel's accountant.. Now, I take care directly of all the invoices and make the reservation's payments with our service providers.


I am a French of Vietnamese origin and live actually in La Rochelle (France). Since 2006, we have gone back to Vietnam for the trips that are organized by TYPIC Travel. Now I'm working with TYPIC Travel to give voluntarily the requests from France

Marie Ange PERINO

Hello, I am a French retired since last 03 years and I have known Vietnam since 2008 by my first trip in there. I am currently working with TYPIC Travel as a volunteer travel counselor from the North of France

TRAN Thanh Thao

Dear Customers, I'm in charge of our tourist products and very pleased to give you the trip's proposals on your expectations!