Hanoi street food tour

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Itinerary in brief

  • icon Location VIETNAM
  • icon Duration 1 days/0 nights
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Day 1 : Delicacies of Hanoi

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Activities Highlights

  • Walk around the busling street of Hanoi.
  • Taste the city delicacies like a local.
  • Experience the city vibe.

Program in details (1 Day)


Delicacies of Hanoi

At 6:00pm your guide will meet you at hotel and start discovering the street food of Hanoi by tasting the “Nom bò khô” (the green papaya salad with dried beef) in a small “restaurant” on the sidewalk at the shortest street in Hanoi (50m) – Ho Hoàn Kiem street. It is not very difficult to reveal the secrets of the ingredients of a plate of Nom Bò Khô: thin strips of papaya, strips of dried beef, fried pork, aromatic herbs and peanuts

After having the N?m Bò Khô, the walk then takes you to eat the “Bánh Tôm” (crispy shrimp fritter). It is a fried pancake topped with whole shrimp. The banh tom is dipped in a sweet and salty sauce made from fish sauce.

Then, a few steps from the "restaurant" of Bánh Tôm, you take another well-known specialty of Hanoi: the "Bún cha" which is accompanied by a Hanoi beer "bia Hà Noi". Bun Cha – the same dish that US President Obama had during his official visit to Hanoi.

Depending on your taste and your wish, the Bún Ch? can be replaced by the soft “Pho” or the “Bún riêu cua”.

In a clear broth made from beef bones, rice noodles, cooked or raw beef strips, ginger, onion and grilled chives are combined. All garnished with spices and aromatic herbs, is served hot, ideally in a ceramic bowl to get the best experience.

“Bún riêu cua” (crab noodle soup) is a noodle soup made with tomato and crab or shrimp paste. The broth has many other ingredients such as tamarind, rice vinegar and is garnished with fried tofu and vegetables such as banana flowers, mint and bean sprouts… It is an extremely rich (and delicious!).

You finish this special dinner with a glass of egg coffee (which consists of a sweet coffee with a beaten egg in it, which makes it creamy) or a very famous salad dessert of fresh fruit drizzled with coconut milk and condensed milk (hoa qua dam) at To Tich street.

The tour ends around 9 p.m.

You can continue to walk around to discover the nightlife of Hanoi or return to your hotel.

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  • English speaking guide.
  • Street food as mentioned in program.