Many Vietnamese continue to use geomancy which is one of the oldest divination technique to analyse for important events ... consultation dates, weddings, funerals-orientation of burials or monuments and different religious practices.

But it's especially used in architecture nowadays because the art is excellence of looking for a favorable place for the establishment of a city, a grave or a house, in agreement with the laws of nature. Architectural design and natural landscape must be combined according to aesthetic, astrological and esoteric pre-established criteria. Geomancy determines the orientation of a building according to the respective positions of the "Blue Dragon" (good spirit) and White Tiger (evil spirit). Many place have their unique harmony in this "science". Thus all the emperors and kings of the past shaped the major cities of Vietnam according to the criteria of astrological and esoteric orientation. Geomancy states that benefit area must have a good environment, greenery abundant and fields fertile. This region is recognized as sacred ground when surrounded by mountains (mountains being a member exorcising) on it's three sides and river. But to find the most favorable place to scépulture or remains as the ideal configuration based on the natural environment, we must undertake an analysis of landforms, the situation of running and waters stagnant, slopes, the position of location in relation to the cardinal points and stars, but also in consideration of the time, the geomancer seeks to identify the site or "breath vital" most conducive focused. So for the ancestors have a favorable influence on the lives of those buried, we need their souls and their bodies, enjoy them selves in a favorable location. Still widely used today in notament garden art Hue (Nha Vuon) which are probably the best examples.

In Vietnam, each city has a own pagoda dedicated to the worship of the Buddha. Also, the construction of it must meet certain conditions. The ground should be sacred. Slightly raised, it must be protected from flooding. No graves, and generally this pagoda is surrounded by little houses. Within the walls of the pagoda is often a stream, a pond more or less. As well, sometimes a half pipe water designed to create a balance between the "AM" (the "Yin" cool, negative) and "Dzuong" (the "Yang", warm, positive) and the axis of the spatial organization of the pagoda is facing South or West, the South is the cardinal point of the Spirit and West Cardinal Point of Tranquility. Vietnamese Buddhist monk is responsible for the spiritual needs. It's free to use the traditions of Taoism and the philosophy of Buddhism. Its functions can bring it to predict the future, manufacturing and selling talismans, practice geomancy, reciting incantations at funerals or practice more acupuncture. Indeed, traditional medicine is based on cosmological and philosophical concepts such as general Yin and Yang, the five elements, earth Ramaux the twelve, the trigrams and hexagrams ... As flows in the veins of the earth a "vital" that talent geomancer must seek to detect flow in the vessels of human blood and breath, whose knowledge of the physician seeks to assess the excess and deficiencies to better restore the harmonious balance breath. For this, the practitioner makes a diagnosis, largely due to taking the pulse, ie by observing the breath deaf in some place of the body, engages in prognosis - which closely resembles the geomancy soothsayer - and tries to treat either by burning in specific points located on graving, small cones sagebrush - or by driving needles - acupuncture.

In a country where the manifestations of superstition are very numerous. The most common are divination, physiognomy, astrology, divination spell by chopsticks, prayers to the spirits, exorcisms, geomancy, prohibited, offerings. Between religious beliefs and superstitions, the border is very close. In practical spiritual life, in the event and the development of religion, faith, religious and superstitious aspects are intimately mixed and influence each other.



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