Danang and this environs

Danang is very experienced with the Marble Mountains Ngu Hang Son

Marble Mountains Ngu Hanh Son near the city of Danang (Centre) attracts visitors with its mountains, caves and pagodas. Its tourist potential is enormous. Located 8 miles southeast of Danang (Centre), Marble Mountain consists of five mountains at the edge of the sea, hence its nickname Non Nuoc (mountain and water). In the early nineteenth century, King Minh Mang has been dubbed Ngu Hanh Son and gave the five mountains, the names of the five elements of the universe: Thuy Son (Water Mountain, north), the Hoa Son (Fire Mountain, south), Kim Son (Metal Mountain, west), the Moc Son (Wood Mountain to the east) and Tho Son (Earth Mountain, amidst the string).

Each is distinguished by the color of its marble Thuy Son is pink; the Moc Son, white; Hoa Son, red; Kim Son, blue and Tho Son, brown. This mountain range is confined to the Eastern Sea, is bordered by a long beach and hedges casuarinas. It opens to the west and south on Cô Co Le Cam and rivers. Co Co river was formerly the main route for trade between the city of Da Nang and the ancient city of Hoi An infilled by alluvial deposits over time, it has only 2 km long and 200 m wide and joined the Ba Bai Dai Chà and rivers.

All of Ngu Hanh Son is distinguished in particular by numerous pagodas and caves facing the sky or the sea Mont Water (Thuy Son), occupying an area of ​​15ha, with three peaks aligned, is the largest and most beautiful. The highest Thai Thuong Tam Thai pagoda houses, Tam Ton, Tu Lam and beautiful caves such Hoa Nghiem, Linh Nham, Huyen Khong. Trung Thai has caves Vân Nguyet Van Thong. The last Thai Ha Linh Ung Pagoda includes and a dozen caves and caverns, such Chân Tang, Tam Thanh, Thanh Chiem ... Mount Water was repeatedly place a stop of King Minh Mang. It was he who built the cave Thien Phuoc Dia, north of Tam Thai Pagoda.

Rich tourism potential

Pagodas located in the site Ngu Hanh Son are almost all considered the oldest among those of Danang. Mention may be made Thai Binh and Van Long, built in the fifteenth century, and Tam Thai Binh An, in the early seventeenth century. They are placed near the caves, which offers a perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. These pagodas retain many bells and brass statues and especially marble.

In 1990, Mount Ngu Hanh has been recognized by the State "national cultural and historical relic". Its restoration and conservation are now offered by the city of Da Nang, to attract tourists. This site hosted in 2001, some 60,000 foreigners and 200,000 rooms. The number of visitors in the first half of 2002 increased by 25% to 40% compared to the same period last year. In the future, a tourist beach should extend Ngu Hanh Son to the industrial area of ​​Dien Nam - Dien Ngoc (Quang Nam). This will be one of the most beautiful and largest beaches of the Centre. Ngu Hanh Son In addition to the beautiful natural scenery, tourists also love the art marble made ​​by the golden hands of artisans. The articles are varied: statues, figurines, bracelets, etc.. elaborately carved and chiseled. They are now exported abroad.


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