Conical hat and charm

Conical hats are traditionally for women (for women in general) are wearing their lovely life and have a lot of efficiencies in the use of everyday life, and therefore hat nonique is chosen as the typical logo TYPIC TRAVEL and they protect all its customers directly during their trip to Vietnam.

More than just a means of protection against the sun and rain, Vietnamese conical hat implies a historical and cultural significance. In tropical countries scorching sun and torrential rains as Vietnam, conical hat comes in handy on the road and in the rice fields. It's like a mobile roof. It is linked always to the life of the Vietnamese people, even at the present time when pro....all kinds of hairstyles. Ane he may be lacking in the traditional female costume, accompanying ao dai tunic jacket floating or "ba ba". In this respect, he inspires many poems and paintings living over time. The Vietnamese have made ​​many species of conical hat for ages and different social positions. 

Conical hats for women use as raw materials the palm leaves, husks, areca and son JI taken in the forest.

First, treat the palm leaves. These green and wrinkled, should be extended under an iron plate heated to the point to be replayed without being burned, their yellow color is bleached by exposure to the smoke of sulfur that protect against mold. The frame circles, 16 per hat are cut from bamboo smoke to be preserved against insects and termites. The beauty of the hat depends on the skill with which the leaves are coussues. Nodes should be hidden seam derriière leaves. There are several ways to decorate hats. The easiest way is to stick to the inside of the pieces of paper, floral color. Jugular add charm. They are chosen according to age: white or pink for girls, dark colors for older people, violets for brides and brides war who wanted to show their loyalty to their loved ones at the front. Sometimes, inside, at the top of the hat, a small mirror is feminine coquetry. Which requires the greatest difficulty and skill, is to create silhouettes of flowers, landscapes, poems ideograms  which are only seen when the hat against the sun are held. This kind of hat is called "cap - poetry". Some love to offer their beloved hat with a poem of his choice. When her daughter leaves the wedding ceremony, the mother gives him a conical hat as a souvenir.

The conical hat isn't just a means of protection against rain and sun. It is part of everyday life. It serves as a seat when one sits in the way. It replaces the range for field work. It is used to draw water from the well or pond for drinking or for washing your face. When you go to the market it serves bag to put the goods purchased.

In the Quan Ho Bac Ninh singing alternated between girls and boys, women always provides with a flat cap to hide her face when she sings the words of love. In presentations of women's fashion, models always wear a conical hat when they show national costume. In the feverish life of cities, the conical hat is used less and less. But in the countryside, it is always present with its versatile use.



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