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  • icon Location VIETNAM
  • icon Duration 1 days/0 nights
  • icon Type Private
Day 1 : Consultation
Day 2 : Events planning
Day 3 : Complete organization of events
Day 4 : Our goal
Day 5 : Our role
Day 6 : What we provide

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Our services:

  • Consultation
  • Event planning
  • Complete organization of events
  • Types of events possibles
  • Our goals
  • Our role
  • And all that we provide

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Program in details (1 Day)




This type consultation is ideal for customers, for reasons of their own, they want to plan everything by themselves. Then we can recommend local contacts, sites, meals for your customers. We can also help your business opportunities by organizing meetings and establish preliminary contacts between the two parties.


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Events planning

By choosing this option, TYPIC TRAVEL incentive the customer to leave for us to organization the event from beginning to end. The client, however, may include this own ideas at any time. This form of partnership is designed for customers lack the time to organize the event themselves, but nevertheless wish to contribute to the establishment to create the perfect event.

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Complete organization of events

The client trusted us in the whole organization of the event, creating the course. For many customers this is the most convenient of the three options because it removes stress the benefit of security and assurance that we take good care of the organization of the event in all its aspects.

Types of events:

  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Opening gala
  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Receptions
  • Meetings

Celebrations product launches

  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Home governmental delegations
  • International Congress
  • Pension pots
  • Company picnics and other corporate events
  • Business dinners

Other original events we can plan:

  • Business meetings with outdoor activities: trekking, mountain biking, golf etc...
  • Shows with speakers, films, presentations, product demonstrations
  • Special programs for spouses traveling: cruise in Halong Bay cruise on the Mekong River, visiting museums and craft villages, national Parks and guided city tours.
  • Meetings at resorts including all kinds of leisure activities, meals, golf tournaments, parties ...
  • Restaurants
  • Dinner shows
  • Mountain walks (Sapa, Dalat ... )
  • Visits to the major attractions of Vietnam: city tours, sports (kayaking, golf ...)

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Our goal

Our goal is to create and organize events in Vietnam. Connected with many Vietnamese companies, we make things easier for you. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing that there are better in terms of service quality and value.

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Our role

It depends on the service requested, but involves the management of all elements of your program. We are masters in the intricacies of organizing a business event: official reception at the airport, transportation, hotel reservations, programs, meetings, gifts ...

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What we provide

  • Pre- event
  • Selection and destination information
  • Hosting Recommendations
  • Speakers
  • Selection of drinks and food
  • Transport
  • Charter flights
  • Arrangements for visa
  • Sea ??freight
  • Equipment rental
  • Creative concepts such as gala dinners, programs for wives ...
  • Development and production of promotional material

Help during the event:

  • Management and installation of the event
  • Treatment of VIP delegations
  • Welcome
  • Accommodation pre and post event
  • Transport
  • IT Maintenance 

Post- event:

  • Evaluation
  • budget reports
  • Opinion surveys

Public Relations

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