One of few things to know about the mountainous north Vietnam is this part of the country has much cooler climate than the rest. In year round we can divide weather in four periods:

  • December – March: Winter with cold weather. The higher up, the more freezing temperatures will be. Occasionally snowfall is expected in some mountain peaks.
  • April – June: Warm, sunny with clear sky.  
  • June – August: Warm and humid. From late July can be some days with heavy rain.
  • September – November: Autumn; cool, dry, and pleasant temperatures.

As Autumn hits North Vietnam, the arrival of more pleasant weather makes it an ideal time to visit the region’s gorgeous natural landscapes.

The end of September and early October marks harvest season in the mountainous Northern Vietnam giving you the spectacular views of golden rice fields and cool temperature for hiking.  

A North Vietnam tour is a fascinating experience, especially if you visit the golden rice terraces in Sapa, Y Ty, Mu Cang Chai, and Hoang Su Phi. These are the four best recommended places to experience the magnificent rice terraces in North Vietnam. The view is breathtaking. The vista of thousands of rice terraces filled with water that glisten in the sun and spread as far as the eye can see are surrealistic experience. It will be an overwhelming experience when you stand surrounded by giant terraced rice mountains.

The best way to fully enjoy the scenery is to go by car and go trekking to the villages, get in touch with ethnic minorities. Immerse yourself in their daily life, taste traditional dishes and learn about their customs and traditions.

There are also some other activities that you can choose from such as motorbike exploration, camping or paragliding. The Northwest region of Vietnam is home to four most stunning and grandiose passes country has to offer. These are Ma Pi Leng pass, O Quy Ho pass, Khau Pha pass, and Pha Din pass or as adventure lovers call it “Four great mountain passes”. Each has its distinct beauty and gives you jaw dropping view of the surrounding mountains. If you got the feeling for paragliding, Khau Pha is the place. Take part in this sport and get the excitement of flying over the ripe rice fields, and contemplate the endless scenery underneath.

Other activity unique to this region and stands out as prime attraction is the highland market. It is a place to trade essential items for the life of ethnic people but also where best shows the costume culture, traditional games, food, and activities of each different ethnic group. The space of cultural diversity looks colorful and prominent. One characteristic of these markets they are held once a week and each on specific day. That means going on wrong day, there will be no market at all. Thus if you look to visit the market, arrange your trip to be on the right day.

Visiting the mountainous region of northern Vietnam has been a activity of choice for many travelers. To many it’s in their bucket list. At Typic Travel we propose a wide range/ a various type of trip to this region. Here are some of our suggested itinerary:

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