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Team's Volunteering

Jimmy LE
Official representative in Australia

I am Jimmy, a vietnamese birth. I am living now in Australia, where I am the official representaive of Typic Travel.


You can call me directely on my australian phone number :

Phone : (61) 435730748

Région Bretagne-Normandie

Born of a Vietnamese father and a French mother, I discover Vietnam for the 1st time in 1989 by realizing a series of reports for European magazines, the opportunity also to meet my family living to Danang.

In 2016, I return for the 2nd time to Vietnam for a journey of 3 weeks in the North of the country.
Fascinated by the landscapes and the people met, I do not more think than of returning there to discover the country to realize photos there.

I advise and help, voluntarily, people of my region who wish to go to Vietnam ; i help them to organize their journey, I am their intermediary with Typic Travel. Just call me, if you want to travel otherwise in Vietnam, take advantage of my expertise for a "custom-made" journey with the support of Typic Travel, a local agency which makes every effort to satisfy his customers.

Contacts :

  • 25, rue de l’Église - 22500 Paimpol France
  • www.vietnam-passion.fr
  • www.quyen-photo.fr
  • quyenphotographe@gmail.com

Call me on my french phone number :

Phone : 06 15 40 71 06

Charente-Maritime - France
I am Mister Thanh, native of Vietnam, I came in France in 1976 at the age of 13 … I am married, father of 3 children and grandpa of 4 grandchildren, taken up residence in region Charente-Maritime.

My return in Vietnam for the first time was in 2012 … It was an unforgettable moment. Then in 2014 2015, 2017 and years to come.

I have the experience of trips in Vietnam from north to south, including the center and the regions of the high lands which I organized with friends. Today, it is with pleasure that I provide you with to inform you, advise and help you to organize at best possible your travel with the agency Typic Travel.

Do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail ( thanh.nguyen17@yahoo.fr ) to ask your questions or suggestions.

Sincerely yours.



Send me a mail :